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"The Fall Of The West" by KLÀNG


"Walking Dead" by KLÀNG (2016)

Adamantium - KLÀNG
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Haunted - KLÀNG
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Walking Dead - KLÀNG
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Stunt - KLÀNG
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Origin:  FRANCE, Alsace
Genres:  Crossover, Post-Thrashmetal
Years Active:  2014- Present

Since 2014, Gilles “Mala” (bass guitar) and Didier (lead vocals and guitar), the roots of KLÀNG, have challenged themselves by playing heavier music, their music has moved in a new direction with the creation of KLÀNG.

Rougher, louder and heavier, that’s the deal with KLÀNG !

Alexis (leadguitar) joined the band at the end of 2014.

They released a 4-title EP “Walking Dead” in June 2016.

After the departure of Gaël, the first drummer, replaced by Maxime, KLÀNG released in 2017 a music video "Adamantium" that can be seen on Youtube.

A new EP is comming for spring 2018, KLÀNG is up for new adventures !


"The Fall Of The West" by KLÀNG

"Walking Dead" by KLÀNG

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